Today Breaking News:Final electoral rolls have 5.05 crore voters in Karnataka State

Highest and lowest voters : Among the 221 Assembly constituencies, Bengaluru South has the highest number of voters at 6,50,53 and Sringeri of Chikkamagaluru district has the least number of voters at 1,66,521.

Gender ratio Women voters have outnumbered men voters in at least 17 electoral divisions out of the 34 in the State, according to the revised final electoral roll 2023 published on January 5.

Kurnool district has the largest number of voters at 19,42,233 and Alluri Sitarama Raju district the lowest at 7,29,085.

How is electoral roll prepared? In India, publishing and updating of the electoral roll is the responsibility of the Election Commission of India, each state's chief electoral officers, and each state's election commission.

What is the electoral roll rolling register? The electoral register (sometimes called the 'electoral roll') lists the names and addresses of everyone who's registered to vote.

Who can view electoral register? Who uses the electoral register? Election staff, political parties, candidates and holders of elected office use the register for electoral purposes. Go to main page